Love, really is it that hard?! So who cares about our “gods” or our practices? I have not ever learned of a religious or spiritual teaching that is not all about love. None of us have ALL the answers. We may think we are superior, but that is just our ego. Let your heart and soul speak… LOVE…. FORGIVE… LIVE and let live. I think all of this is far more simple than anyone has made it. God, or allah, etc. We each have our God. I don’t see what there is to fight about. I love all, as God loves me. Words get in the way, take a moment to feel. What others feel from other religions… that is what you feel about “your” God… It is all the same and glorious. I love it. I’m not kidding, every day that I wake I say “Thank you God for this day, my life, and everything in it.” I have noticed an OCD about myself, I do things in multiples of three. The more I count, the worse it gets. I’m not completely out of my mind, I assure you.


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